Today, June 28 at 11:21am, Bob Bryar, ex-My Chemical Romance drummer, has come out of social media hibernation to let us know "shit is about to get extra weird."

See his social media update below!

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Here's the tweet Bryar graced us with today:

Bob Bryar, who left My Chemical Romance back in 2010, sat down with AP to talk about his memories of recording The Black Parade last September in an exclusive interview, in which he reminisced about hanging out with Lil Jon, Liza Minnelli and Carrie Underwood and almost burning to death on the "Famous Last Words" video set.

Since parting ways with My Chemical Romance, Bryar has since been known for his antics on Twitter that have delighted and dismayed the MCRmy. However, he has been AWOL from Twitter since 2015. Until today. 

While there's no word yet as to what exactly Bryar is planning, we absolutely cannot wait to see what happens. 

Love him or hate him, sound off in the comments below! 

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