The Grammys have been working hard to integrate metal back into their annual award celebration, but unfortunately, they have also become known for their technical difficulties. Ice-T fronted Body Count fell victim to their latest error tonight during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

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The heavy metal band were nominated for Best Metal Performance for their song "Black Hoodie," but lost out to Mastodon's "Sultan's Curse." Body Count performed the single during the ceremony's pre-show.

While the video below cuts out the awkward error, the difficulty happened at the beginning of the performance. David Letterman's Paul Shaffer introduced the band, and everything seemed fine until they were about to play. Something went wrong, possibly a bass issue, but it wasn't entirely clear.

To smooth over the issue, Schaffer began spouting rambles about "counting the corpses down at the morgue" and then invited Body Count to soundcheck onstage. It was all very awkward, and kind of hard to watch.

That being said, Body Count's politically charged performance was powerful, and ended with Ice-T holding up his hands and yelling, "Don't shoot!"

Watch a video of the performance below:

This isn't the first time a metal performance has had problems at the Grammys. Last year, Lady Gaga and Metallica's collaboration experienced difficulties when singer James Hetfield's mic was producing no sound for most of the performance. Fingers crossed that metal lucks out better next year.

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