The Cab’s Alexander DeLeon has released a brand new single from his solo project, Bohnes, as a tribute to his hometown, the city of Las Vegas. It’s called “702,” and all proceeds from the acoustic track will be donated to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund

In the wake of the tragedy that struck Las Vegas after a shooter claimed the lives of several innocent people during a country music festival, Bohnes decided to adapt a song he had planned for release later down the line into this “love song” to both the town he grew up in and the people who live there. 

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"Las Vegas isn't about the neon lights,” says Bohnes. “It isn't about the big names on the marquees or the fancy hotels with the chocolates on the pillows. Las Vegas isn't about the nightclubs, the world class chefs and restaurants. It's not about the gambling or the dollar signs. Last week we found out what Las Vegas really is. What it has always been. What it will always be.”

The track is available to stream via Spotify and on iTunes, but beware when you listen, as you’re absolutely going to be moved when you take in Bohnes’ beautiful words about the Las Vegas shooting and the power of music he shared alongside the release of this song. 

“We will not be scared. We will not stop going to concerts. We will not stop singing along. We will never stop spreading love. Every single penny will be going to the victims and the families...but more than that I send them my love and strength.”