Shock rocker and former AP cover star Marilyn Manson’s Russian tour has not been going so well. One of his performances was just canceled due to a bomb threat, while another show was scrapped due to a protest.

Manson was set to perform in Moscow today (June 27), taking part in the Park Live Festival, but he revealed in a tweet that his set was canceled as his band were about to take the stage due to a bomb threat. The singer posted a photo from outside the venue, where police vehicles had already arrived. (You can see the photo below.)

Manson asked on Twitter, “Why are the people that proclaim that music inspires violence the ones that create such entropy?”

On top of that, one of his shows in Novosibirsk (Russia's third-largest city) was also recently canceled by authorities, after around 400 protestors took to the streets. According to NBC News, “Orthodox Christians accused the performer of peddling sexual perversity and being a threat to security.”

“Feels like 1998,” said one Manson fan on Twitter. Indeed it does.