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10 bonus tracks from the 2000s that should’ve made it on the album

Discovering bonus tracks to your favorite albums was hands-down one of the best feelings ever back in the 2000s.

Before the rise of streaming services, instant downloads and damn near limitless music collections, B-sides and other limited releases were like gold. If you were lucky, you’d find them on physical albums or iTunes. Otherwise, you were forced to scour the web for sketchy downloads to collect your favorite band’s discography.

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Often, the harder they were to find, the better they were. In many cases, we were left wondering how such awesome tracks hadn’t made the official tracklisting in the first place.

Here are 10 of our favorite 2000s bonus tracks that totally should’ve been part of their corresponding albums.

“Until I Get Caught Red Handed” – Every Avenue

If you ever listened to Every Avenue‘s Picture Perfect on your iPod, you may remember a different closing song. Don’t worry, you’re not losing your mind. “Until I Get Caught Red Handed” was an iTunes bonus track that appeared at the end of the album. Unfortunately, it’s likely not available for listening on today’s streaming services.

“Decoy” – Paramore

If you’re a dedicated Paramore fan, you may have heard this song in a live recording or as part of their B-sides collection. “Decoy” was initially written for Riot! but ultimately failed to make the final cut. While it’s disappointing that there’s no studio version of this high-energy track available to stream, it does make for a cool addition to performances.

“40 Steps” – The Academy Is… 

Another fleeting iTunes bonus track, “40 Steps” was an evocative addition to the Academy Is‘ sophomore album, SantiThe song even had its own dedicated tour video from the era. As luck would have it, the track was published to streaming services via the Warner Archives in 2019. Now, if only we could get that unreleased album, too…

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“Boomerang Theory” – Gym Class Heroes

We won’t fault you if you had no idea that Gym Class Heroes‘ “Boomerang Theory” even existed. The song was released on the Japanese version of The Papercut Chronicles and remains largely inaccessible in most regions, even today. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing it performed live, though, you probably wish that the song had made the original tracklisting.

“Under The Gun” – The Killers

We can’t complain too extensively about “Under The Gun” only being on the limited edition and Japanese releases of Hot Fuss. The song did ultimately get its opportunity to stand as a static track on the Killers‘ compilation album, Sawdust. Still, it’s so exemplary of the band’s early sound that it feels like a loss to have not heard it in 2004.

“Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37” – AFI

AFI frequently drop killer B-sides (see also: “Carcinogen Crush” and “Jack The Ripper“). “Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37” is a rather significant fan favorite, though. While this song was ultimately released as a bonus track on Decemberunderground, it was actually originally recorded for Sing The SorrowWe’d argue it should’ve stayed there to foreshadow the band’s diversion into a more pop-punk sound.

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“Music Or The Misery” – Fall Out Boy

All we can say is, “Thank the alternative gods that this one didn’t end up on the (metaphorical) cutting room floor.” While we couldn’t have imagined in 2005 that Fall Out Boy‘s From Under The Cork Tree could get any better, they certainly showed us the following year. The track ended up appearing on the album’s limited “Black Clouds and Underdogs” edition.

“Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” – blink-182

blink-182‘s Take Off Your Pants And Jacket might have had one of the coolest release strategies of all time. The album initially came in three different versions corresponding to the colors on the cover art. While all the versions had the same basic tracklisting, they each included two unique bonus tracks. “Don’t Tell Me It’s Over” definitely made the “Green” version stand out, but we’d argue that it deserved a more concrete spot.

“Take It” – Avril Lavigne

No, we didn’t mean “Take Me Away.” Avril Lavigne actually had a similarly titled track written for Under My SkinWhile the song was released as a B-side for the single version of “My Happy Ending,” it never joined its counterpart on the full album. We’ll just “take it” as a blessing that the track is available to stream on Spotify.

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“Hipbones And Microphones” – Cute Is What We Aim For

If you were a Cute Is What We Aim For fan back in the day, you may remember “Hipbones And Microphones” popping up periodically on social media. We argue that the raw, melodic sound would’ve fit in great on The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch‘s tracklisting. However, the song was only officially released with the DVD version of the album. That is until it got published to streaming services by the Warner Archives in 2019.

Which bonus tracks do you think should have been included on the albums they were released with? Let us know in the comments!