“I want you to stay. I want you to go.” That sounds like 70% of the sentiments found in the lyric sheets of bands operating in 21st century emo, right there. Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick knows something about the particular trend. After all, he did write an entire album around that.

Reddick got in front of the APTV cameras to discuss the making of Bowling For Soup’s pivotal album, A Hangover You Don’t Deserve. The album, starring the classic single “1985,” turned 15 in 2019, and the singer was more than happy to share his memories of its creation, from the subject matter, working with artist/producer Butch Walker and where his headspace was when he was making it.

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Reddick discusses the history of “1985” (which was written by SR-71’s Mitch Allan) and how it continues to be relevant. “I think it’s one of those things where it doesn’t matter what generation you are. You’re always going to be the uncool parent when you get to that point,” he says. “People will come up to me all the time and say, ‘I am Debbie.’ And I’ll be like, ‘Hi Debbie.’”

“Definitely writing from the heart this time and definitely meaning what I’m saying” is Reddick’s major takeaway regarding Hangover. He discusses how he turned a story about a girl who moved to Colorado into a ballad against AP's home state of Ohio and reveals whether or not his brother actually "got the fuck out" of their hometown. He also reveals the secret to Bowling For Soup's’ longevity that’s both obvious and honorable.

“It means a lot to me that [Hangover] means a lot to so many people,” Reddick says. “I’m proud of that one.”

You don't need to have memorized every line from The Breakfast Club or to have danced on top of a car in a Whitesnake video to enjoy this chat with Reddick. Well, it could help, but we think you're good.