Box Car Racer's self-titled record officially turns 18 today and Tom DeLonge is celebrating with an Instagram post throwing back to an old photo of him and Travis Barker.

DeLonge shared the photo along with a message saying he and Barker chatted over FaceTime today.

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The record was originally released on May 21, 2002 and is the only album the band ever put out.

DeLonge has hinted at bringing the project back in the past but nothing substantial has come out of his teasers.

Now, he's throwing back to the band though with a celebratory post about the record's birthday.

"Happy birthday Box Car Racer - you are 18 years old today. :) Hey @travisbarker, you looked great on FaceTime today, but it was weird how we were wearing the exact same outfit... both of us naked as can be," the post reads.

Barker made a brief reply simply posting three emojis of a guitar, drums and a veil horn hand.

Back in March, DeLonge posted another photo highlighting Box Car Racer without much context provided.

Interestingly though, Anthony Green said he would be interested in a potential followup after a fan mentioned guests who should be invited if a new album were to happen.

How are you celebrating Box Car Racer's 18th-anniversary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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