Bracewar drummer Rashod Jackson is addressing his past use of homophobic slurs after it was brought up in the midst of his accusations against former the Ghost Inside bassist Jim Riley's use of racial slurs.

While he did address his use of homophobic language, yesterday Jackson gave another statement discussing the issue.

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Last week, Jackson brought up an incident where Riley used a racial slur against their bus driver at the time. Riley issued a statement responding to Jackson's claim in a Twitter thread and afterwards the Ghost Inside parted ways with him.

Yesterday (June 7), the Bracewar drummer issued a statement addressing the issue. In his post, he gives background to his use of harmful language but says it doesn't "invalidate how I feel about what The Ghost Inside and Jim Riley did." He once again apologizes for his words and invites anyone affected by his words to reach out and discuss accountability.

You can read his statement below.

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“While calling out racist behaviors of The Ghost Inside, the band and their fans brought up some homophobic statements I made years ago. The things I said in the past are not a reflection of the person I am today. I had to unlearn some of my behaviors when it came to the language I was using, and I am aware of how harmful these things are.

I was called out personally by friends at the time about that behavior. I was held accountable and changed my behavior as a result. Those aren’t things I’d say at this point in my life, especially with the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, the friends I’ve made, and the respect I have for people in the LGBTQ+ community. I’d also like to sincerely thank the people who called me in and helped me grow.

However, my past behavior does not invalidate how I feel about what The Ghost Inside and Jim Riley did, and it is clear that The Ghost Inside and their fans combed through my past tweets in an attempt to deflect from their racism. The situation is about a white person calling a black man the N word as if he was a slave in 2015.

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Knowing that someone in the band had consistently used a racial slur, and was doing nothing about it, only to then decide it was appropriate to use the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to promote the release of their record, is tasteless and inappropriate especially in the current events. This issued should have been handled before the originally matter in 2015. They should extend a helping hand to the black community that has been destroyed recently.

Black people have been dealing with the issue of racism for over 400 years. No one should ever forget that, overlook that or excuse ANYONE for speaking in such a way. In my recent years, I’ve learned the need for intersectionality when it comes to the fight for liberation.

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