Earlier this week, producer Mike Sapone shared an image of Brand New guitarist Vincent Accardi, which alluded to the band being in the studio yet again.

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Then, a Reddit user shared the following claim on r/brandnew/, which asserts that the band have been in the studio for over a week now, and still “have a few weeks” remaining. 

"Actually got to talk to Brian a bit and he said they have been recording for a little over a week and still have a few weeks left. Also Jessie and Vinny walked right past me, but had their manager was with them, so I felt awkward asking for a picture. Got to hear a recording of a guitar riff from the new album as well. Sounds very reminiscent of deja."

While the post has since been deleted, a picture that reportedly accompanied it remains online.

2015 brought Brand New’s first officially released song in six years. Could 2016 finally be the year we get a Brand New’s long-awaited new, and potentially final, album?