In an apparent response to the recent controversy surrounding Martin Shkreli—the Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO who's been under fire for raising the price of a life-saving AIDS and HIV drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill—Long Island rock favorites Brand New have launched an AIDS benefit sale with all proceeds going to the Whitman-Walker Aids Foundation for the next 48 hours. On Instagram, the band announced, "Starting now, we are running a 48 hour sale on our merch store to benefit AIDS charity through Whitman-Walker Health in Washington D.C. Grab a t shirt and help us answer strife with generosity."

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The sale consists of a 20-percent discount on the band's line of 'Electricity Is Dangerous' shirts which just so happens to be a shirt that Shkreli's seen wearing in a picture that's been going around as of late. You can check out Brand New's sale here and the Whitman-Walker Foundation here.