After their set at Aftershock, Breaking Benjamin took a minute to chat with APTV about new Star Wars, playing covers, and sharing a stage with bands like Nothing More and Shinedown.

The band often takes a moment in their set list to step away from their songs and pay a tribute to artists and songs that have inspired them throughout their career. They play a medley of covers including songs from Tool, Nirvana, Pantera and, ofcourse the Imperial March from Star Wars.

“The medley is basically—not everything—but some majore players in what influences us—not only individually—but as like, a band.,” says Benjamin Burnley. “So we just want to pay a little homage to the people that made it so we’re even up there to begin with.”

Speaking of Star Wars, Burnley is vocal about disagreeing with how the prequels in the series have been created. That didn’t stop him from reserving tickets to two different showings of the latest installment Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. — Jake Hanson

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