AP is proud to team up with Tempe indie-rock quartet Breakup Shoes to premiere their first single, “idk,” from their upcoming EP, so money, baby. 

Last year, the band—vocalist/guitarist Nick Zawisa, guitarist John MacLeod, drummer Matthew Witsoe and bassist Derrick Lafforthun—released their full-length, Unrequited Love (& Other Clichés), showing off their poolside, indie surf rock. With subtle Brian Wilson influences surfacing the shore of their DIY, Mac DeMarco-influenced rock sensibilities, the band’s new single marks their radiant return.  

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“I wrote ‘idk’ in the midst of a self-loathing and crippling hangover that followed an embarrassing night of heavy drinking,” Zawisa says. “People frequently talk about how important it is to love yourself, but it’s not as often that we discuss how difficult it is for a lot of us to view ourselves positively.”

Zawisa goes further to explain that the song is a representation of the cyclical process of achieving self-love. He describes that it’s a rather long, difficult journey than how people make it seem. 

“Although this song is mostly encapsulating negative feelings and anxieties about my self-image, the point that I hope to emphasize by repeating it over and over again in the chorus is that getting to a place of self-love is a process,” he elaborates. “And it’s all right to be a work in progress.” 

The band released their debut EP, Nicotine Dream, in 2016, and followed up with a series of singles that later led to their first studio album. Having performed alongside Soccer Mommy and received radio play from Arizona’s alt-rock stations, the band are set for a new chapter.

Breakup Shoes’ upcoming second EP, so money, baby, will be self-released Sept. 27.

Check out the new song below. 

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