Brendon Urie is coming under fire for some comments he made on his Twitch stream last week. The 32-year old Panic! At The Disco singer has been accused of being racist.

Urie made comments containing the phrase "ratchet ass Puerto Rican names" as well as some other comments about which some are not too thrilled. 

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This isn't the first time Urie has stirred up controversy regarding his comments. Back in 2018, the frontman was accused of being racist for making an analogy comparing the firing of Roseanne Barr and NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. The comment came during an interview with Paper magazine. Urie had been asked his thoughts about cancel culture and he wasn't really a fan. 

"Here's where I draw the line. If the liberals are saying, "Hey why are you fining these NFL players [for kneeling]?" and at the same time, "Fire Roseanne!," they are doing the exact same thing that the conservatives are doing. I get it but we have to understand, yes, Roseanne made the worst tweet. But we're taking people's careers away. I don't know where to draw the line because I do think obviously that's horrible, but I think we need to look at patterns. If a person says something a few times but they are not acting out on it... it's a very sticky situation."

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Needless to say, some of the internet accused Urie of comparing someone with a history of racist comments to those protesting police brutality. 

Now, Urie is getting heat again. to provide the entire context, Urie was live streaming as he usually does. He plays Fortnite, talks to fans and sings some songs. Recently, he even made an entire synth-wave song called "1980VRO."

While streaming, Puerto Rican comedian Michael Lopriore commented telling Urie that he was glad he watched his stream the previous night. Lapriore's stream contained a sketch of him and his brother making fun of Puerto Rican women and their names. 

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Urie acknowledged the comment and said, "You ratchet ass hoes. I was trynna come up with names for y'all." It was like Delanise was one. I called y'all Delanise. Delanise was Danny. But, then you were like Aquanet or something like that. Aquaniva or something like that. Aquaniva and Delanise or some shit. That was your ratchet ass Puerto Rican names, bro. That was so funny, dude. You were killing me last night. That was great."

This is where some fans took issue with his comments as a white man. Some claim he still hasn't changed and his apologies are empty. Other, came to Urie's defense saying his comments were taken completely out of context because he was quoting a comedy sketch by a Puerto Rican comedian. Check out some of the arguments below. 

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We doubt Urie meant any harm with his comments but taken completely out of context, the comments could understandably upset people.

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