Two minutes into Juice WRLD's drug-fueled cyber-serenade with benny blanco, "Roses," Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie drops in with some smooth bars. As himself. Now, those notes have earned Urie his first-ever Hot 100 hit under his own name. But will the successful solo feature prompt the "High Hopes" singer to retire the P!ATD moniker?

Just take a look at the Billboard Hot 100 for this week. At No. 95, you'll see "Roses" beside the names of Juice WRLD and benny blanco. And it's Urie's given name and surname—not the dance party-inducing four words of his act's handle—emblazoned next to the principal pair as the featured artist. But don't worry! Urie won't be getting rid of his band's name.

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Last year, the Panic! leader told Rock Sound he doesn't lend any credence to the possibility of changing the name of his hit-making ensemble, despite the fact that the group's lineup has changed numerous times since their 2004 formation.

"I never really think about changing the name or give too much thought into doing something else," Urie explained. "From the first [line-up] split I never wanted to leave the Panic! name but other guys did, and it was all good."

Indeed, for the singer, P!ATD follows a more uninhibited approach than listeners may presume. Admitting he "never really wanted to question it too much," Urie seems to embrace his entanglement with the punctuation-pushing moniker.

"I suppose I'm just synonymous with Panic! At The Disco," he continued. "It's become a bit of a meme I guess. For me what the Panic! name represents is a sort of no rules, cart blanche mentality, and I've never felt the need to be released."

What do you think? Should Urie ever seriously consider dropping the Panic! At The Disco name altogether? Would you be OK going forward with Brendon performing solely as a solo star? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

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