Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie has brought monumental success to the already Tony—winning Broadway musical Kinky BootsDespite this being Urie's Broadway debut, it's safe to say he can add 'acting' to his already long list of talents. But what got Urie to this point in his career?

People sat down with the Kinky Boots star in a recent interview to discuss everything from his background in acting to his experience in stilettos.

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With so much succes in his role as Charlie Price, People had to ask—was Urie always a theater nerd?

"All my friends were in theater; I was just the stoner that built the sets, backstage smoking a joint, like, 'I made your castle wall!'"

While his previous experience in acting may be lacking, Urie's experience in stilettos is quite the opposite.

"I've worn heels since I was, like, 5. The ones I wear in the show are actually so comfy. I have to act like I'm bumbling around, but I've never felt more right in my life."

Urie has no problem speaking about sexual fluidity in a public. In fact, he's quite open about experimenting on your sexuality and how important it is to create a support system. 

"It doesn't freak me out. Why does it matter who I'm f—king? I've gotten so many amazing letters and tweets from fans saying 'I didn't have the courage to tell my parents, but I had you to fall back on.' I want to create a support system."

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While the rockstar lifestyle is one that Urie has come to be very open and comfortable with, his conservative Mormon parents were not so quick to accept his career choice.

"When I told them I wasn't going to college or on a Mormon mission, that I don't believe in God and I was pursuing music, they were like, 'You've gotta move out.' They cooled off, and when we made our first Panic! At The Disco album, I got a care package from my family with this beautiful letter: 'No matter what, we will always love you.'"

You can catch Brendon on Broadway now through August 6.

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