Who wants Brendon Urie to sing at their wedding? All of us, of course.

And as it turns out, his demands really aren't too much either.

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One fan asked the Panic! frontman if she could hire him to sing at her future wedding:

And his reply? "I'm usually paid in beer."

Honestly, we could make this happen. Brendon Urie singing at our wedding? A dream come true.

Although we will say this response is the real winner.

The Panic! At The Disco frontman might be a little busy by the looks of it, though. He shared a video last week where he appeared to be getting ready for something. And our fingers are crossed that something is new music. (!!!)

Last month, Urie said the band's sixth album was recorded and in the mixing stages. Plus, he treated fans to a tiny taste of something new.

Yeah, Brendon is getting us all kinds of excited. (And getting our hopes up for a seriously epic wedding, too!)

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