Over the past 7 years, I The Mighty vocalist/guitarist Brent Walsh has been writing his own eclectic mix of material between his work with the band, culminating now in his debut solo album, 7

"Default World" from the album, which you can stream exclusively below, was inspired by Walsh's experience at Burning Man.

"The experience was life-changing, and I strongly encourage anyone from all walks of life to consider experiencing it at least once in their lives," Walsh said. "When you're there, you refer to everything outside of that little makeshift town in Black Rock City, NV as the default world.

"Your normal life is practically long forgotten within a 24-hour period of being there. What I wanted to do with this song was try to capture the vibe and camaraderie within our camp that I experienced. It's probably my favorite track on the record for that reason. Every time I play it I'm taken back to one of the best weeks of my life and all those feelings that came along with it."


 is out November 10 on Equal Vision Records.