Did you know the new Bring Me The Horizon jam "Wonderful Life" actually began its life as a Limp Bizkit tune? It's true, according to a recent interview with BMTH frontman Oli Sykes on BBC Radio 1's "Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter."

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The new song unleashed Sunday by the English rockers features a guest spot by none other than Cradle Of Filth icon Dani Filth. But the track was initially conceived as a contribution to Limp Bizkit's long-delayed sixth studio album.

"Last year, me and Jordan [Fish] went and worked with Fred Durst on a Limp Bizkit album," explains the Bring Me The Horizon vocalist, as reported by Loudwire. "It just didn't work out, to be honest. He just didn't show up most of the time."

Sykes continues, "Lovely guy, but I don't think he was ready to make an album. I think he was pushed into it a bit, like, his managers and people said, 'These are the guys you want to work with.' So we gave him all these ideas."

A collaboration from Limp Bizkit and Bring Me The Horizon sounds pretty intriguing, we must say! Alas, when work among the two artists came to a halt, Sykes and BMTH keyboardist Fish reclaimed the song for their own band.

"One good thing came out of it," adds Sykes. "Me and Jordan wrote this riff. And I one day decided the tempo and key matched almost perfectly with the song. So we de-Bizkit-ed it a bit, and it ended up sounding pretty sick." Check it out:

What do you think of "Wonderful Life" starting out as Bring Me The Horizon members' collaboration with Limp Bizkit? Would you be interested in hearing Bizkit's original version of the song? Sound off in the comments section, below!

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