Bring Me The Horizon and Ed Sheeran have released the official studio version of “Bad Habits.” The recording of the song came highly requested after they teamed up to open the 2022 BRIT Awards.

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The release comes just a few days after Oli Sykes shared a FaceTime call with Sheeran where the two discussed their BRIT Awards performance of the song. Sheeran said, “That show was nuts.” Sykes replied, “I’ve never had so much adrenaline pumping through me, ever.” He also added, “There are so many people asking for a studio version.” Sheeran replied, “We have to get one out… We’ll get Jordan [Fish] and the lads on it, and I’ll get the vocals in. Make sure it goes proper death growl at the end, though!”

Listen to "Bad Habits" featuring Bring Me The Horizon below.