Bring Me the Horizon appear to be releasing new material tomorrow Dec. 27. Earlier this morning, social media was abuzz with information about a new Bring Me the Horizon record.

Now, it seems frontman Oli Sykes confirmed the rumors with his most recent Instagram post.

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HalseyLotus Eater

Now, frontman Oli Sykes took to Instagram to post the speculated record artwork.

Sykes tagged Halsey, Happyalone, Lotus Eater, BEXEY and YONAKA. Hopefully, this means collaborations with those artists.

The Halsey collab was teased all the way back in July when Halsey posted the video below of her in the studio with some familiar voices in the background and tagged Sykes and Jordan Fish.

A few days after that, Sykes confirmed the two were in the studio together with a picture of his own.

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And then a few days after that, in a now-deleted tweet, a clip of the song was posted. Fast forward to earlier this month, Halsey posted the tracklisting and list of collaborations off her upcoming album ManicFans were confused that BMTH were not on there. Halsey addressed why in an Instagram Live video when one user asked “what about BMTH collab???”

“OK, the Bring Me The Horizon song,” Halsey begins. “I knew you guys were going to ask about that. It’s not on this album, but there’s two—well technically ‘two’ things. One and then something else that are coming out not on my album—for something else with Bring Me The Horizon. And then I have another collaboration with another friend of mine that’s coming out this year too, and I’m putting out so much music next year.”

The full Instagram live video is below.

Since then, we haven't heard much about the BMTH and Halsey collab. Well, the mystery and wait appear to be over now.

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We're sure this is going to be one banger of a record with all of these collaborations. We'll just have to wait until midnight to find out.

More Bring Me the Horizon

Last month, BMTH dropped their newest track “Ludens”. The track is featured in the newest Hideo Kojima game Death Stranding. We’ve known the time constraints Kojima Productions placed on BMTH to submit the song and it was no cakewalk.

Now, Bring Me The Horizon have released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Ludens” and it makes the production even more impressive. Especially considering it was without the involvement of guitarist Lee Malia.

For the majority of the video, we see Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish in a hotel room in Ukraine. Sykes states how limited of a time they had to submit the song.

“We’ve been given about five days to write a song, for the new game Death Stranding.” Sykes states. “We started writing about two days ago. We’re on tour at the moment. We’re currently in Ukraine. We’ve been doing a tour around Europe. And here we got kinda like basically told if we can’t deliver a song for the 20th, then we can’t be on the game.”

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The video then shows the hotel room Sykes is laying down some vocals in and he describes the situation in further detail.

“So we made this lovely hotel studio.” Sykes displays. “It’s a Jordan Fish design. On a computer that can’t really handle many plug-ins or much else. But, we’re getting there. And we keep getting complaints to shut the fuck up every two minutes. But, I think we got something pretty cool.

Check out the full video and process behind recording “Ludens” below.

Bring Me The Horizon recently stated that they would like to release shorter records more frequently and maybe the time constraints for “Ludens” played a part in that. For all Bring Me The Horizon info, head here.

Are you excited for new BMTH material? Sound off below!

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