Bring Me The Horizon are building anticipation around the release of their new single "Parasite Eve." The single was originally supposed to be released on June 10. However, BMTH decided to postpone its release in solidarity of Black Lives Matter and it will now be released on June 25.

Now, in a new video update, the band are revealing what fans can expect from their new single and upcoming record. As well, Bring Me The Horizon are celebrating the release of "Parasite Eve" with their very own Instagram filter.

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Since coronavirus quarantine began, Bring Me The Horizon have been hard at work recording new music. With each member social distancing in their home, the band have been communicating through video chat while recording some new songs.

Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes have been documenting their time recording with a behind-the-scenes series called "BMTHS2." So far, we've seen Sykes record some Suicide Season-era vocals as well as clips of future songs and new lyrics.

Now, the band are offering even more insight into "Parasite Eve" and their forthcoming record. In the new video update titled "10BMTHS2-mick gordon-.mp4," Sykes reveals that he has been playing a lot of video games while in quarantine.

"The cool thing about lockdown is [that] I've been getting to play a lot more video games," Sykes shares. "I've been playing this one game called DOOM Eternal. As I was playing it, I absolutely fell in love with the soundtrack. It's fucking crazy, it's heavy as fuck."

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It was the video game DOOM that ultimately inspired the sound for "Parasite Eve."

"At first, when we were writing 'Parasite Eve' especially," he continues. "I was referencing a lot of this DOOM game. I was playing it during the day and then me and Jordan would work at night. [We were] using it as a reference because the sounds in there sound so huge and so hitting in a way I haven't heard in any other metal music."

Once the band started working on "Parasite Eve," they reached out to DOOM's composer Mick Gordon who helped collaborate on the new single.

Along with this, the band have also revealed that they are returning to their heavier sound. As well, the ongoing events happening worldwide have heavily influenced this new set of songs.

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“So for the songs we are working on for this new record, we knew that they were going to be a bit more aggressive in nature," Sykes says. "This first record is very much a protest record. It’s trying to capture the anger, sadness, frustration, fear, paranoia and everything I think we are all collectively going through right now."

Sykes revealed back in November that Bring Me The Horizon may spend 2020 releasing shorter EPs rather than full-length albums. In the video, Sykes mentions this upcoming release as the "first record," hinting that the band may be releasing various EPs throughout the year.

While Bring Me The Horizon are returning to their heavier sound, Sykes also reveals that each future BMTH record will sound different.

"Each record that we make going forward will have a very different tone."

Fish and Sykes have largely produced Bring Me The Horizon's past few albums. For their upcoming music, the band decided they wanted to reach out and start collaborating more with others.

"We haven't really enlisted anyone for the last six or seven years you know to help us," Sykes says. "We really wanted to try and collaborate with people on these next records and find people that can bring something to the table and do something that maybe we can't."

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Sykes further shares why the band haven't collaborated with many other artists or producers over the years.

"When it comes to our heavier music, you know that's kind of our bread and butter," Sykes says. "And we feel like we do it pretty fucking well. So it's really hard to find someone out there that we feel can offer us anything differently."

At this time, the Instagram filter is still in beta testing. However, fans can head here to sign up for a chance to use the Instagram filter.

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"Parasite Eve" is the first piece of new music Bring Me The Horizon have released in 2020. Earlier this year, their co-written track with Halsey called "Experiment On Me" was released on the Birds of Prey soundtrack.

You can check out Bring Me The Horizon's latest behind-the-scenes video update below.

Are you excited to hear new music from Bring Me The Horizon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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