2019 has been especially good to Bring Me The Horizon fans. They started the year out with their sixth studio album amowhich gifted them their first No. 1 album in the UK.

Since then, Bring Me The Horizon have been on their First Love World Tour, which is where you can currently find them crushing shows in parts of Asia.

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The band shared “Ludens” last week, which marks the first new song since amo dropped in January.

The single can be found on the forthcoming soundtrack Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music from the world of Death Stranding). The highly anticipated video game was released on Playstation 4 on Nov. 8, with it's soundtrack from RCA Records and Sony Interactive Entertainment released just the day before. 

The adrenaline-inducing game takes place in the near future in the United States, after mysterious explosions cause a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With odd creatures from a realm between life and death, a Bring Me The Horizon banger seems to be the perfect match.

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Today, the band shared their new action-packed music video for "Ludens, which you can check out below.


In a recent interview with NME, vocalist Oli Sykes discussed the new track and his love for video games.

"It doesn't sound like anything off 'amo' but it doesn't sound like anything off of any of our records," said Sykes. "It hits a different tone. We had to write it in five days. We've been talking about this with Sony and Kojima for quite awhile. I was really excited because I loved Metal Gear Solid and Kojima is just my favourite developer, he's a legend."

Sykes later continued: "I wanted it to be connected to the video game, but I didn't want to sing directly about that. I looked at Kojima's whole ethos, went on his website, and as it was loading it came up with this thing that said, 'We're not homosapiens, we're homoludens.' It's latin for 'player' and it's all about how he believes that our creativity is our greatest asset and the biggest hope for mankind. It said something along the lines that even if all flowers die and the world is at an endpoint, there would still be hope if there were humans on the planet because we find ways to adapt."

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What do you think of the new track? Check out the rest of the soundtrack here with tracklisting below.

Death Stranding: Timefall track list:
  1. "Trigger" Major Laser & Khalid
  2. "Ghost" Au/Ra & Alan Walker
  3. "Death Stranding" Chvrches
  4. "Yellow Box" The Neighbourhood
  5. "Meanwhile... In Genova" The S.L.P.
  6. "Ludens" Bring Me The Horizon
  7. "Born In The Slumber" Flora Cash
  8. "Sing To Me" MISSIO
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