On May 22, Bring Me The Horizon dropped a teaser clip that ended up leading to a full video announcing something big. BMTH are releasing a series of videos that show how they managed to write and record remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One key piece of news we've gained from this is that we definitely have a new track most likely titled "Parasite Eve" coming June 10, at least, according to frontman Oli Sykes. Another recent video also gives more of a sneak peek at the making of the new song. 

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In mid-March, Bring Me The Horizon announced they were working on new material tagged for a release tentatively titled BMTH8. The new release will be the first new material from them since dropping their Music To Listen To… EP back in December.

The updates ranged everywhere from prank on Oli Sykes’ mom Carol to the return of Suicide Season era growls. There was even a bit about an inferior penis

But, one main song took shape during a bunch of the videos seemingly titled "Parasite Eve." 

BMTH posted a teaser clip on May 22 that led to them announcing a new series of videos using BMTHS2. The first is titled "00BMTHS2-prologue-.mp4”

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The video shows footage of all the band members living in quarantine but centers on one message. They can and did record music. They pushed past the boundaries of separation and were able to do what they love.

“So we’re going to be sharing our progress with you,” Sykes says. “You’re going to see how we write remotely, how we record remotely and everything in between. So watch this space. I hope everyone is happy and healthy and finding the little pleasures that they can in this weird and fucked up time. Peace.”


The announcement tweet also included the #parasiteeve. That added more fuel to the fire that the new Bring Me The Horizon song would be coming soon. A day later, Sykes confirmed the rumors with his own post on social media. 

thank u very much Cameron for my parasite eve sweater diggin the crop

Our new song will be out June 10th oh shit

Since the "prologue" clip, Bring Me The Horizon have dropped two more videos. One gives more of a look into the recording of "Parasite Eve" and how BMTH is working remotely and pulling it off. The other shows very much of the same with Sykes freaking out Jordan Fish about a postal delivery and not sanitizing his hands afterward. Watch both below. 

We're sure we'll have plenty more updates as we get closer to June 10, but for now, check out some reactions from fans.

How excited are you for new Bring Me The Horizon music? Sound off in the comments below!

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