Bring Me The Horizon are continuing to work on new music while in quarantine. On May 22, they dropped a teaser clip that ended up leading to a full video announcing a new project. A week later, they confirmed a new song will be released on June 10. Now, Bring Me The Horizon are giving us another glimpse into what they've been working on.

On Thursday, Bring Me The Horizon shared another behind-the-scenes video of Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish working on a new song.

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Back in March, Bring Me The Horizon announced they were working on new material for a release tentatively titled "BMTH8." This reported album will be the first new material to come from the band since their Music To Listen To… EP was released in December.

Over the course of the past few months, the band have shared a variety of updates pertaining to BMTH8. The updates ranged from a prank on Sykes’ mom Carol to the return of Suicide Season era growls. There was even a bit about an inferior penis

On May 22, however, the band posted a teaser clip that led to them announcing a new series of videos called "BMTHS2." The first video is titled “00BMTHS2-prologue-.mp4.” The video footage shows the BMTH members living in quarantine, but still finding ways to record new music.

“So we’re going to be sharing our progress with you,” Sykes says. “You’re going to see how we write remotely, how we record remotely and everything in between. So watch this space. I hope everyone is happy and healthy and finding the little pleasures that they can in this weird and fucked up time. Peace.”

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Since then, BMTH have been releasing videos that show how they manage to write and record remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic. Along with the rollout of these new videos, Sykes confirmed that a new BMTH song is coming on June 10. Based on his Instagram post and the hashtag the band have been using, the new song is reportedly called "Parasite Eve."

"Thank u very much Cameron for my parasite eve sweater diggin the crop," he says. "Our new song will be out June 10th oh shit."

This week, the band have continued to share behind-the-scenes videos of them working remotely. So far, they have released six videos that feature clips of new music. On Thursday, they shared a new video called "05BMTHS2-pls tell me why-.mp4."

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In the video, BMTH fans hear clips of a new song. From building the beats to writing the lyrics and creating the melodies, the behind-the-scenes video shows Sykes and Fish building the song while quarantining in their homes separately.

Fans also get a glimpse at some of the new track's lyrics, "please tell me why. With a foot in the grave don't tell me what I'm missing. I've been using again. Please tell me why I wanna jump off the bridge and go to sleep with the fish."

The video's description also features the term "call + collect me." This could refer to a key lyric in the song or could be the track's title.

Outside of the videos, Bring Me The Horizon are staying cryptic about information surrounding the album including a potential release date. For now, fans can monitor the band's YouTube page and social media platforms to see new video updates.

All of Bring Me The Horizon's previously posted videos are available to watch in chronological order below.

Are you excited for a new Bring Me The Horizon album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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