Over the past few weeks, Bring Me The Horizon have been teasing new music. The band originally planned to debut their new single “Parasite Eve” on June 10. However, Bring Me The Horizon decided to delay its release in solidarity of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now, Bring Me The Horizon have officially revealed when "Parasite Eve" will be released. As well, they have shared another behind-the-scenes video of them recording new music.

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It’s been nearly six months since the band released their latest EP Music To Listen To… back in December. Now, the band are hard at work on new music. As part of a new series called “BMTHS2,” Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes have been releasing video updates showing how they are writing and recording new music while in coronavirus quarantine. 

Among the videos, the band have shared some footage of them recording their new single "Parasite Eve." Bring Me The Horizon originally planned to release “Parasite Eve” on June 10. However, they delayed its release as the protests over the wrongful killing of George Floyd continued.

Along with the "Parasite Eve" announcement, the band have shared another video of them recording new music. Last week, a newly uploaded video showed Sykes returning to his Suicide Season-era heavy vocals which he first teased back in April. As well, in previous behind-the-scenes videos, the band have shared various clips of new songs and new lyrics that may be released in the future.

Now, alongside Fish and Sykes, this new video features BMTH members Matt Kean and Lee Malia. Called "09BMTHS2-wash yur hands-.mp4," the video shows Kean and Malia recording their parts in upcoming songs.

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Within the video, fans also get a sneak peek into some future song lyrics. Throughout the video, Sykes can be heard singing different variations of lyrics for a future song.

"You can board up your windows, you can lock up your doors, but you can't wash your hands of this shit no more," Sykes sings. "All the king's sources and all the king's friends, don't know their asses from their pathogens. When life is a prison and death is a door, that ain't no warning. Nah this is a war."

Along with the recording process, the video series depicts the lives of each member while in quarantine. In this new video, Malia can be seen mowing his lawn, Fish can be seen playing with his kids and more.

Sykes revealed back in November that Bring Me The Horizon may spend 2020 releasing shorter EPs rather than full-length albums. At this time, no information on if Bring Me The Horizon are currently working on a full-length LP or multiple EPs has been shared.

The new video called “09BMTHS2-wash yur hands-.mp4” is available to stream below. Head here to watch all of Bring Me The Horizon’s other behind-the-scenes videos.

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