Bring Me The Horizon and Sigrid have collaborated on a new track called “Bad Life.” The single is also accompanied by a music video.

“Bad Life” comes ahead of Sigrid's new album, How To Let Go, out May 6.

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The message behind the song can easily be discerned from the chorus. Sigrid and Oli Sykes sing, “So I wrote this song to say/Things won't always be this way, no/It's just a bad day/Not a bad life.”

“Bad Life” features a bit of a different side from Sykes. Instead of the ferocious screaming we're used to from the vocalist, the new track has a calmer tone.

It also adds to a growing list of collaborations from Bring Me The Horizon. They've also teamed up with Ed Sheeran on “Bad Habits,” Machine Gun Kelly on “maybe” and, most recently, Masked Wolf on “Fallout.”

Check out the video for “Bad Life” below.