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QUIZ: Create a playlist, and we’ll tell you a new band to listen to

Alternative rockpop punk in particularis going through some new waves at present. Especially now with downtime in the wake of canceled tours, many artists are turning to creative experimentalism. The result? A stacked collection of new alternative bands with totally unique sounds.

Granted, it can be hard to find some of these gems. With music streaming services throwing everything they have at you, it’s easy to miss out on what you’ll really vibe with. So, we’ve decided to make it easy for you. Go ahead and put a playlist together through the quiz below. In return, we’ll tell you which alternative band you need to check out next!

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More on modern alternative rock

We’re now a good 30 years into the evolution of mainstream alternative rock, and the scene is showing no sign of slowing down. Though the pop-punk explosion of the 2000s has dwindled over the last decade, many bands are holding strong. Many early favorites such as All Time Low and blink-182 are continuing to see commercial radio success. Other artists, such as Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLUD, actively pay homage to their early alternative inspirations. 

One trend worth considerable mention is the rise of new-gen outfits. Bands such as State Champs, Tonight Alive and With Confidence sprung up in the 2010s and catalyzed the pop-punk revival. The movement has gained significant fame, with the phrase “pop punk’s not dead” popping up all over social media and streaming services. 

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Now in 2020, it seems that the focus is less on reviving the scene and more on expanding it. In the past year, a number of promising up-and-coming artists have exploded into the spotlight. Unsurprisingly, most of these fast risers are citing influences from the pop-punk heyday. 

Meet Me @ The Altar are a firm testament of this phenomenon. These pop-punk prodigies formed in 2015 and have been sweeping the scene this year following their signing with Fueled By Ramen. And it’s no surprise, really, with noted icons such as Paramore and Panic! At The Disco serving as influences. 

What’s particularly remarkable about this determined trio is their use of their newfound platform to reach marginalized communities that have been historically overlooked by the scene. In fact, their passion seems to represent a rising trend of activism in the alternative scene. 

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Many other bands are proving themselves to be powerful and largely reassuring presences in a time marked by general uncertainty. FEVER 333 just released a song inspired by the U.S. presidential election. In a similar vein, Mason Musso’s new band, Social Order, have dedicated their quarantine activities to producing danceable, spirit-raising hits to help with the world’s sense of impending doom. 

Who are some of your favorite rising alternative artists? Let us know in the comments!