Dating app Bumble has added a new feature which will allow users to filter potential suitors by their zodiac sign. In other words, the app now lets people choose what signs they want to see in their dating field.

The feature started to be introduced back in December. However, according to Mashable, it seems to have only just started to catch on.

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Originally, users could only list their zodiac sign. However, the feature has since transformed into another preference setting.

To start using this feature, Bumble users can go into their advanced settings. Of course, Bumble allows users to opt out of this feature as well.

Check out what the feature looks like below.
Between horoscope fanatics and skeptics everywhere, users seem to be pretty split about Bumbles’ latest feature.

Additionally, according to Buzzfeed, men are already lying about their zodiac signs to get more matches.

What do you think about Bumble’s zodiac feature? Sound off in the comments below.

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