Burger King in Germany using Pennywise to troll McDonald’s

The It franchise, specifically Pennywise the Clown, reignited the fear of clowns in most people. Burger King, always one to stay on top of trends decided to capitalize on that fear.

A Burger King ad in Germany is hoping customers can’t tell the difference between their rival McDonald’s mascot Ronald Mcdonald, and Pennywise the clown.

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How exactly is the diabolical fast-food giant doing this? Well, Ad Age reports that when people enter McDonald’s, they are geo-targeted an ad that implores them to scan a QR code on an ad in a McDonald’s magazine. The scanning registers them to the MyBK app which then tells the user to run, not walk to “avoid the clown” at the nearest Burger King where they can get a Whopper for just one cent.

The augmented reality technology shows red balloons floating around the restaurant and initiates a timer for them to get to the Whopper. Check out the ad below.

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This seems like a pretty complicated and labor-intensive ordeal just to get a Whopper. Especially if you’re already at a Mcdonald’s anyway. But who are we to judge? We’d trek through the Mists of Avalon to stock up on these Wednesday Addams icees and these Jack Skellington Frappuccinos and these hot sauce baby costumes. So far be it from us to judge the length people will go to get their hands on a Whopper.

Burger King has trolled McDonald’s before about the similarities between Pennywise and Ronald. In some German theaters, after the showing of It: Chapter One, the screen flashed the text “The moral is .. never trust a clown,” and then the Burger King logo appeared.

What do you think about this ad? Would you sprint from the McDonald’s to the nearest Burger King to avoid Pennywise? Let us know below!

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