Bury Tomorrow

The Union Of Crowns

British metalcore five-piece Bury Tomorrow have given almost every song on their second album a title having something to do with royalty, chivalry or life in medieval times—“Lionheart,” “Message To A King,” “Knight Life,” “Royal Blood,” “Abdication Of Power,” “Vacant Throne” and on and on, with the sole (and weird) exception of “Bitemarks.” But the lyrics don’t seem to reflect this obsession; “An Honorable Reign,” for example, uses rain (not reign) as the dominant metaphor in its chorus, and the song is just your average, ultra-vague overcoming-adversity metal anthem—which puts it right in line with every other track on The Union Of Crowns. This just isn’t a very interesting album: It’s got all the requisite breakdowns, parts where the guitar sounds like it’s coming through a cell phone and clean-sung choruses, but no one song leaps out from the others. Nothing establishes Bury Tomorrow as a band with anything unique or surprising to offer—which puts them in exactly the same position they were in two years ago, when their first album, Portraits, was released. America’s already got enough generic metalcore bands; we don’t need to import more.

Note: Bury Tomorrow singer Jason Cameron has contacted Alternative Press to let us know that he is in fact, singing "reign upon me" in the chorus of "An Honorable Reign," not "rain upon me," as we alluded. To that, we respond that to reign upon someone is an incorrect use of the word, and either Cameron misused his prepositions (the correct word in this case being "over") or has a tenuous grasp of the English language. —ed.

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“Royal Blood”