Butch Walker, who produced Fall Out Boy's 2013 comeback album, Save Rock And Roll, took to his Twitter this afternoon to defend FOB's (and Panic! At The Disco's) evolution as artists, and conscious decision to abandon their more pop punk rooted early sound with recent releases.

Though Walker clarified that he did not produce Fall Out Boy's new single, "Centuries," his rant was seemingly spurred by a fan's comment that he "killed punk rock."

In 140-character or less chunks, Walker stated "I love how people assume when I work with an artist that the actual ARTIST has nothing to do with deciding how it will sound" and "I love my day job, but these kind of shallow assumptions take some fun out of it. I've seen em say the producer 'ruined their favorite band' ..When most people have no clue what they are talking about or how it works. Sometimes, God Forbid, the ARTIST comes in with their vision."

The multi-faceted producer then launched into full-on defense mode with "Good on Panic and FOB for wanting to evolve and change. Most bands in their scene can't sell out a club and these 2 sell out arenas... And god forbid they make another goddamn pop-punk 90s record that they (or myself) could give any fucks about doing. #beentheredonethat"

He ended with a lofty comparison: "Could [you] imagine if the Internet was around every time the Beatles [put] out a new record? 'Oh man.. George Martin ruined my favorite band..' -said no one. Ever. Not to compare anyone to the 'ever-sacred' Beatles"

Walker's rant managed to elicit a positive response from FOB's own Pete Wentz:

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