Pop-punk band Call To Start have teamed up with AP to release their first-ever music video.

In "Somewhere Else," singer Madison McFarland starts with a voiceover about being lost and following your dreams. "We took the idea of dreaming, and attempted to reflect that in the video," says McFarland. "When you dream, whether asleep, day dreaming, or pursuing a passion, you are able to temporarily escape the reality around you. No matter what, as long as you have that place to go, and a way of getting there, you can get through any situation."

The Orlando band can be seen rocking out in most of the video's scenes. "This song is really special to me because it is a total collaboration from all members of the band. We were all having some hard times, and for different reasons. Bringing our situations together, and creating a single song out of them speaks volumes about the message of the song," says drummer Kevin Donahue.

Call To Start was featured in AP Issue 334 in the 12 Bands section. See why they're worth checking out in the video below!