We've heard the phrase a million times. But in the case of Fall Out Boy, we're happy they're truly "living the dream." Our Chicago heroes are Cali enough to get celebrities to make cameos in their videos. And Midwest enough to be stoked to have them. Our APTV video checks off all (OK, most) of the living, breathing Easter eggs in their video canon to date.

We're not sure if Fall Out Boy stans inspect every single frame of the band's videos. With close to two decades in the emo trenches, it seems that the quartet are providing their own entertainment. Anybody who's been on a set knows how grueling a video shoot can be. Who wouldn't want to have some friends around to lighten the mood or improvise some wild stuff? We're pretty sure you know FOB's ride-or-dies by heart.

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When you think about it, what good are famous friends if you can't summon them to do crazy stuff? Can you imagine the practice space conversations? "Pete, wouldn't it be funny if we could get [REDACTED] to wear a live boa constrictor? Then we'd all have to hurry up and try to pull it off of him? Let's write the treatment now." That's a whole other story of secret history: Who didn't want to be in their videos?

Actually, we don't care. We just know that a new Fall Out Boy video is always going to be fun, cool and meritorious. It's interesting to discover who the members of FOB are potentially shopping for records, doing Crossfit or getting bottle service with. Deep down, Andy, Joe, Patrick and Pete are probably thinking the same thing. It's a Midwest thing. And we totally understand.