If there's one thing we miss about Myspace, it's extensively coding our profiles and soundtracking them with our favorite songs.

If you had a 2000s scene phase, then you probably remember how vital MP3 embeds were to alternative culture. After all, they were ultimately a projection of our misunderstood identities. But do you remember which bands and tracks dominated them at the time?

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Let's put your knowledge to the test. Take the quiz below and see if you can match these Myspace-era artists to their iconic songs.

More on Myspace-era bands

It's hard to believe that social media popularity was once regarded as a defining characteristic for artists. Today, it's practically a foundational staple, with bands boasting their public personas via TikTokInstagramTwitter and more.

The 2000s were a different time, though—a fact we're growing increasingly aware of. Social media was only just gaining significant traction. And although we look back at it with a degree of loving criticism, Myspace led the charge.

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The first of its kind (yes, it even preceded Facebook), Myspace originally launched in 2003. Building on the foundations established by LiveJournal, the networking site allowed users to connect with a global online community.

Unlike its predecessor, however, the site moved away from formal journaling functionalities toward a more rapid-fire approach that encouraged users to share aspects of everyday life. Users could post pictures, update statuses and even customize their profiles to suit their aesthetics and moods.

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Unsurprisingly, a number of artists quickly noticed the value of the platform in growing and connecting to their followers. As a result, Myspace can be credited for the monumental rise of some of our favorite bands from the time, including Metro StationHellogoodbye and Never Shout Never.

Of course, the customizability of profiles further accentuated the prominence of heavily engaged artists. At the time, it wasn't uncommon to open a friend's profile to hear Cobra Starship or spot Bring Me The Horizon on their Top 8.

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While Myspace's popularity fizzled by the end of the decade, its legacy persists through its long-lasting contributions to alternative music. The site remains a popular point for 2000s nostalgia, even prompting the launch of a lookalike platform, SpaceHey, in 2020.

Were you able to match all of these Myspace artists to their hit tracks? Let us know in the comments below!