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9 canceled Hulu shows that should be picked up again

It really breaks our hearts when our favorite streaming services end shows too soon. While Netflix is a huge culprit of this particular form of heartbreak, the service isn’t the only one—Hulu, Amazon Prime and good old-fashioned cable still decide to cancel shows that’s totally uncalled for. 

And while some shows do need to come to an abrupt end, several of our favorites have been burned too soon. 

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We decided to find canceled Hulu shows that deserve a second shot because it was pretty unfair that they were canceled in the first place. You can check that out below. 

High Fidelity

For some reason, Hulu canceled this music-centric rom-com series after just one season. The series was a gender-bending reimagination of the 2000 film starring John Cusack. The cancellation pissed off everyone for many reasons, including star Zoë Kravitz, who called out the streaming service for its lack of diversity in shows. The High Fidelity cast is just one of the reasons the show deserves a second shot, aside from its widespread popularity after only one season. The series showcased intimate emotions and unique personalities through a diverse cast who don’t always get representation on screen. Plus, it utilized music, both as a plot point and as a soundtrack, which connected to viewers in a close way. 

Castle Rock

This Stephen King anthology series ended after two seasons and had so much more to give us. Castle Rock weaved together influences from a few of King’s iconic stories, including Rita Hayworth And Shawshank Redemption, Cujo and Carrie. While so many stories were referenced across the two seasons, there was plenty more that could’ve been expanded on. We would’ve loved it if this show continued giving us a new creepy season to watch every Halloween, so hopefully one day it’ll make a comeback. 

Veronica Mars

After ending in 2007, Hulu rebooted this beloved mystery show in 2019 for a fourth season, which picked up with Kristen Bells character solving crimes like she always does. The ending of season 4 was pretty infuriating, and it seemed like the showrunners were trying to wrap things up quickly, which made the plot suffer. Veronica Mars wasn’t renewed for a fifth season, confirming the finality of the unsatisfying ending we all hoped it wouldn’t be. This show has risen from the ashes before, so hopefully another comeback will happen down the line. 


This period drama takes place in 18th-century London, following a mother who runs a brothel and tries to provide a better life for her daughters. Harlots ended after three seasons, which is a shame because it really showcased a story about determination and providing for yourself. Additionally, the show received rave reviews from viewers, so it doesn’t make sense why it would get canceled on such a high note. 


Reprisal got the ax at the same time as Harlots, only it was just after one season. The drama series follows Doris Quinn, a woman who was left for dead but ends up making it out alive. In turn, she seeks revenge against those who have wronged her. The first season was promising, and while it wrapped up on a good note, there was a lot more story to tell about Doris and her destructive path of revenge. 

Light As A Feather

This creepy thriller lasted for two seasons and was all about the dangers that could happen when you play games with the supernatural. Hulu didn’t renew Light As A Feather for a third season, so we never found out if the girls were able to break the deadly curse. We need a season 3 just to conclude this on a better note—and to freak us out a little more. 

Marvel’s Runaways

After three seasons, Hulu cut this live-action show, albeit on a good note, but far too soon. This deserves a comeback because there are so few live-action Marvel series left, and the genre isn’t very prevalent on TV. Sometimes, we need a good dose of live-action superhero drama without having to sit through a three-hour movie, which is exactly why we loved this show. 

Future Man

Future Man follows a janitor (The Hunger GamesJosh Hutcherson) who gets sucked into a real-life version of his favorite video game, Jumanjistyle. The show ended this year after three seasons, and while it wrapped up its plotlines, there’s always room for more. 

Looking For Alaska

This miniseries based on the John Green book of the same name was only designed to run for 8 episodes. The ending of Looking For Alaska is tragic, and while we won’t give away any spoilers, it makes sense why it ended. However, we became so attached to the characters that we feel there is potential for even more, particularly, how they are able to move on after the finale with their lives and how it permanently affects them. While Green might’ve ended the story in the book, other young adult adaptations such as 13 Reasons Why have shown there’s definitely room for more.