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10 canceled Netflix shows that deserve another shot

The events of 2020 have led us to foster a closer relationship with Netflix than ever before. The streaming giant is always reliable, containing both new and old TV shows and movies to keep us entertained.

The best content on the platform is the Netflix original series, which has brought us some of our favorite shows such as The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things and You

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While we’ve grown to love many series since we began our subscriptions, Netflix has broken our hearts more times than ever in the past few years. It’s left us with cliffhangers, unanswered questions and characters we never said goodbye to. 

We found 10 canceled series that deserve another shot because Netflix did us especially dirty with ending these shows. You can check that out below. 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

While we’re getting amped for Part 4 of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, we’re also emotionally preparing for the season to be the last. Earlier this year, Netflix broke our hearts by announcing the end, and the breakup has only become more difficult with the lingering confusion. Netflix gave no reason as to why the show is calling it quits. But recently a teaser dropped for Part 4, confirming its finality. However, there are also rumors that the show might move to HBO Max, leaving us a glimmer of hope. For now, we’re just looking forward to reuniting with the cast at the end of December.

The Society

Talk about a cliffhanger. Netflix canceled this dramatic show after one season due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. The show follows a group of teenagers who have to start their own community when the outside world, and everyone in it, disappears. The Society was renewed for a second season and set to premiere in late 2020. According to a statement Netflix gave Deadline, though, the pandemic completely changed everything. If you watched the first season, you’ll never forget the cliffhanger that suggests how the teens landed in such an unfortunate situation. It definitely leaves you with more questions than answers.

The OA

If there’s only one show on this list that Netflix brings back, it should be The OA. The sci-fi series was set to have five seasons total, but the streaming giant canceled it after two in 2019. There’s fan outrage, and then there’s what The OA fans did. They started online petitions, bought a billboard in Times Square and held a flash mob in hopes of bringing it back. Some even went on a hunger strike outside of the Netflix offices in protest. Therefore, Netflix needs to finish what it started with the series and put fans out of their misery. 

I Am Not Okay With This

When The Society got the ax, so did this other mysterious teen drama that will never give us the answers we deserve. Netflix also canceled this show directly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hadn’t been officially picked up for a second season. But how could a second season not happen? We’ll never find out why Sydney (It’s Sophia Lillis) had powers, what happened after the tumultuous ending and what her powers meant in the bigger picture. For peace of mind, we deserve answers from the showrunners. However, let’s hope that somehow, someway it can rise from the ashes. 


A year after confirming GLOW’s fourth and final season, Netflix betrayed our trust and canceled the show. The Emmy-winning series is loosely based on the ’80s syndicated women’s professional wrestling circuit, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, and has been one of Netflix’s biggest shows across its three seasons. This show deserves a second shot so it can give fans closure and finish what it started. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting Netflix’s decision, we don’t know if that will ever come to fruition. 

Teenage Bounty Hunters

Netflix stopped Teenage Bounty Hunters before it even really got a chance to get started. The show, which follows two teenage twins who end up becoming bounty hunters, released its first season in August. By the beginning of October, the streaming service confirmed there wouldn’t be a second season. The show ended with a lot of drama and revealed secrets that we’ll never get to see play out. Aside from the cliffhangers, it was witty, quirky and totally bingeable. It’s a show Netflix definitely could’ve expanded on over time. 

October Faction 

Netflix also cut this drama series after just one season. October Faction follows a monster-hunting couple and their children, who unveil dark family secrets and the truth about their seemingly idyllic town. While it didn’t get the same hype as some of the other shows on the list, the show, which was based on a comic series, had a lot of potential to be as popular as Supernatural or The Umbrella Academy. 


Although Sense8 was canceled and given another shot, it wasn’t a proper ending. The show follows a group of mentally linked strangers from different parts of the world. Netflix canceled the show in 2017 after two seasons, but due to outcry from fans, they released a two-hour special in 2018 that served as the season finale. While it garnered a lot of viewership, fans didn’t think the series was completely wrapped up. However, showrunners have continued to give them glimmers of hope that a season 3 might come to fruition one day.

Jessica Jones

Honestly, it’s dumbfounding how Netflix even canceled this badass Marvel show in the first place after its gripping three seasons. Jessica Jones follows a superhero who retires from fighting evil after a fatal incident but returns to defeat her ultimate villain. The show has everything you want—comedy, action and a relatable factor. There have been talks that the show could live on Disney+ due to its Marvel ties. 

V Wars

While we’ve been going through an actual pandemic, V Wars was insane because it was about people becoming vampires through a virus, which was leading to a war, humans vs. vampires style. We wanted this to be like a new-age Vampire Diaries meets The Walking Dead, and it looked well on its way to getting there. However, Netflix canceled the show earlier this year despite a wild season finale with major scenes that will never resolve.