It’s big and loud, and you can throw shapes or your beaten body against the barricade to it. Get your temples pulsing with “Crank Bass,” the debut collaboration of bass artist SNAILS and special guest Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats.

SNAILS—the moniker of Quebec DJ Frederik Durand—has been making the decks as sick and ugly as possible with his high-pressured bass grooves and other aural assaults. “Crank Bass” is his first track with the Cancer Bats frontman, who brings his sense of mosh pit mayhem via his inescapable roar.

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Durand describes the single as “a unique kind of song. Liam brought some serious energy to it, and it appeals to the bass crowd along with the metal crowd, as well—which is exactly what I wanted. I’m excited to finally release this video, which features footage from my fall tour The Shell 2.0 and gives people an idea of what a SNAILS show looks like!”

Not surprisingly, Cormier went straight into full caps-lock mode in his enthusiasm about the collaboration. “I’M SO PUMPED ON THIS VIDEO FOR ‘CRANK BASS!’ WATCH MY HOMIE SNAILS DOMINATE NORTH AMERICAN STAGES AND HILARIOUS HIJINX! SO STOKED! BEST DUDE! FUCK SALT!”

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We promise that you won’t suddenly develop laser-shooting pupils, neon auras around your body or face-stretching facial features. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t say that.

Check out the “Crank Bass” video below.

After you’ve given the video a spin, delve into it more here and make sure to be in the room when SNAILS edges up onstage this summer—including three sets at Lollapalooza and his bass-throwdown event Sluggtopia at Red Rocks in Colorado.


06/15 – Ningbo, CN @ A8 Raver Club
06/26 – San Francisco, CA @ 715 Harriet
06/30 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest
07/05 – Velder Woods, NE @ We Are Electric
07/06 – Salzburgring, AT @ Electric Love Festival
07/18 – Scranton, PA @ Camp Bisco
07/21 – Paris, FR @ Lollapalooza (Gud Vibrations VS Slugz Music)
08/01 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza (Gud Vibrations VS Slugz Music)
08/02 – Chicago, IL @ Lollapalooza
08/02 – Chicago, IL @ Sound Bar (Lollapalooza Afterparty)
08/10 – Montreal, QC @ IleSoniq
08/24 – Seattle, WA @ Bass Canyon
09/01 – Seoul, KR @ EDC Korea
10/04 – Morrison, CO @ SLUGGTOPIA 3 Red Rocks