CANDY have shared their new track "Transcend To Wet" ahead of upcoming album Heaven Is Here. The project is set to drop June 24 via Relapse Records.

"Transcend To Wet" is an auditory collage of violence. Voices are warped until they call to mind a nail gun rapidly firing into metal. Meanwhile, the track yawns as the sounds of static and distant screaming escape its maw.

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Heaven Is Here was produced by Arthur Rizk and CANDY guitarist Michael Quick. The album will mark the band's first release with Relapse. You can find a full tracklist for Heaven Is Here below.

"Transcend To Wet" is the second single from Heaven Is Here, following "Human Condition Above Human Opinion," a track that similarly melds electronic and metalcore sound.

Listen to "Transcend To Wet" below.

Heaven Is Here tracklisting

1. "Human Condition Above Human Opinion"
2. "Mutilation"
3. "Heaven Is Here"
4. "Price Of Utopia"
5. "Transcend To Wet"
6. "Hysteric Bliss"
7. "World Of Shit"
8. "Fantasy/Greed"
9. "Kinesthesia"
10. "Perverse"