[Photo by: Alex Morgan]

A lawsuit for injuries sustained at a Cannibal Corpse show has now been shut down, following an overturned decision by the Alabama Supreme Court.

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In 2014, Jordan Taylor Pardue attended a Cannibal Corpse show at the Soul Kitchen Music Hall in Mobile, AL., where he allegedly sustained a spinal injury after being 'thrown down' in the crowd. He has required over $1.2 million in medical treatment since.

Pardue and his mother filed a lawsuit against ICM Partners, the company involved in booking the death metal concert, following the incident.

AL.com has reported that the case has now been blocked from proceeding. The decision says that the booking company were paid a $250 commission for the show, but had no other involvement.

A Mobile County judge initially let the case proceed, but the Alabama Supreme Court recently overturned the decision.

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