The Rotten Tomatoes controversy surrounding the Captain Marvel movie continues as the film's "want to see" rating drops to 47%, making it the lowest scoring film in Marvel Cinematic Universe history.

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Captain Marvel has received incredible reviews from critics following the film's screening, making us even MORE excited for the next phase of MCU.

Despite these rave reviews, Rotten Tomatoes users that some are dubbing as internet trolls have taken to the website to express their distaste with the film following comments made by the film’s lead, Brie Larson.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Larson talked about wanting to be more inclusive during her press tour, seeking out nonwhite male journalists for interviews.

“About a year ago, I started paying attention to what my press days looked like and the critics reviewing movies, and noticed 
it appeared to be overwhelmingly white male,” Larson says. “So, I spoke to 
Dr. Stacy Smith at the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, who put together a study to confirm that. Moving forward, I decided to make sure my press days were more inclusive.”

These comments did not sit well with some fans, causing them to take to Rotten Tomatoes audience rating section to vent their frustrations with the film's star.

“brie larson has already said this isn’t for me.i’ll spend my money elsewhere,” one user wrote. “as a white male i dont think Brie would want me watching this movie,” another user shares.

The negative audience reviews have lowered the film's "want to see score" to a mere 47%, making the lowest-rated Marvel film on the Rotten Tomatoes site.

The film sits behind Marvel's 2008 film The Incredible Hulk which currently holds a 70% "want to see" score.

A similar situation occurred during Marvel's Black Panther just last year, which received a 79% audience rating despite being nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Those internet trolls, man.

Luckily, it doesn't look like the negative reviews will hold too much impact on the film's opening weekend. Currently, Captain Marvel is slate to pull in an incredible $120 million for its opening weekend.

If that holds true, it will make the movie one of the highest-earning solo films in MCU history.


Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8. Check out the official trailer below!

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