Hey Monday fans, get ready to freak out — frontwoman Cassadee Pope might be teasing an upcoming reunion. 

Monday marked the 11 year anniversary of the band’s debut album Hold On Tight, which they released with Decaydance Records, which is run by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. 

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Hey Monday have been on a hiatus since December 2011, but now Pope sounds like she might be teasing something new from the group. 

The vocalist took to Twitter to celebrate the anniversary of the record, which is where she posted the cryptic message. 

Happy 11th Bday, to our pre-teen ‘Hold On Tight!’ I can’t believe all the places #HeyMonday took me, literally & figuratively. I owe so much of my knowledge to this band & first album. Definitely giving it a listen today in honor. Psstt –Check back next Monday. #HeyItsMonday,” she wrote. 

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While she has been pursuing country music in recent years, she previously played the Hey Monday fan-favorite “Homecoming” while on her headlining tour with Clare Dunn and Hannah Ellis. Pope brought out the classic from the band’s discography back in April during the Lexington, KY stop. 

Additionally, before playing the song, she commended her scene roots, making note that Hey Monday was a very integral part in her career.

“So the main reason why I’m here is because I was in a band called Hey Monday,” Pope says before playing the track. “And I thought, ‘I can’t play a headlining tour and not play a Hey Monday song,’ so this one goes back to 2008.”

Check out a video of that below. 

However, Pope’s performance doesn’t entirely come as a surprise. The singer previously teased that she would be playing a Hey Monday track.

Despite what you may be thinking, this is not the first time Pope has played the song since 2011. Actually, the artist was a special guest at the Charlotte date of last year’s Vans Warped Tour where she busted out two Hey Monday jams, “Homecoming” and “How You Love Me Now.”

You can listen to “Homecoming,” which is from the band’s 2008 album Hold On Tight, below.

Do you think Hey Monday might be planning some kind of reunion? Sound off in the comments down below!

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