New Kind Of Normal

FILE UNDER: Introspective indie-punk

ROCKS LIKE: Liz Phair, P.S. Eliot, forgetters

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Cayetana refine their scrappy, poppy garage punk so immensely on their sophomore LP, they might even need recategorization. They were always adept at that sound, trembling vocals and all, but here they sound tighter, more focused, even experimental. There are fully locked rhythms (“Am I Dead Yet?,” “Mesa”) and New Order and the Cure-esque basslines (“Phonics Failed Me,” “Follow”) amid measured moments (“Side Sleepers,” the shadowy “Dust”), intact with Cayetana’s signature desperation (“Too Old For This,” “Certain For Miles”).

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: New Kind Of Normal is an honest, reflective and brave journey tackling personal mental health and how love of others and self can fit into it all with care and thoughtful practice. Cayetana soundtrack it with hope, articulation and sometimes melancholy, while showing how much they’re musically progressing alongside their apparent personal growth. 

OUR PICK: "Mesa”