With National Siblings Day today, many bands featuring brothers and sisters come to mind. From twin duos to brothers on tour, here are 30 bands that make playing music a family affair.

1. Arcade Fire

Not only does the Arcade Fire have a pair of brothers (Win and Will Butler), but also an inlaw—Win's wife Régine Chassangne.


2. the Avett Brothers


3. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

French five-piece Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! formed back in 2007 and include brothers Bertrand (vocals) and Eric Poncet (guitar).


4. the Cribs

The Cribs consist of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross.



5. Denali

Denali features frontwoman Maura Davis and her brother Keeley Davis on guitar.


6. Echosmith

Echosmith features all siblings: Sydney Sierota (vocals) and her three brothers Noah (bass/vocals), Jamie (guitar/vocals) and Graham (drums).


7. Eisley

Eisley features siblings Chauntelle DuPree (guitar), Sherri DuPree Bemis (vocals/guitar), Weston DuPree (drums), King (vocals/keyboards) and their cousin Garron DuPree (bass).


8. Every Time I Die

Keith and Jordan Buckley—need we say more?


9. Eyes Set To Kill

The Rodriguez sisters, Alexia (vocals) and Anissa (bass), formed Eyes Set To Kill in 2003.

10. Free Energy

Features brothers Scott and Evan Wells on guitar and bass, respectively.