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QUIZ: Do you remember which celebrities appeared in these iconic videos?

There’s no shortage of casting opportunities when it comes to music videos. With each artist releasing a handful for each album cycle, each with its own storyline and ensemble, there’s plenty of room for cameos. But how often do celebrities answer the call?

It actually happens far more frequently than you might think. Some appearances are obvious, while others may only dawn on you years after the fact. However, if you watch with a keen eye, you’ll be sure to note an abundance of familiar faces.

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How well do you remember the famous cast members of iconic alternative music videos? Take the quiz below to find out!

More on celebrities in music videos

Music videos are a pretty substantial part of alternative culture. After years spent posted up in front of MTV and dropping our iTunes gift cards on sizeable downloads, it’s actually a surprise when our favorite tracks don’t have an accompaniment.

Our inclination toward visual media pressures artists to deliver on-brand entertainment that will pique our interest. From compelling storylines to guest appearances, our favorite bands are constantly building experiences from scratch. Of course, no one does it better than Fall Out Boy.

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The pop-punk titans made a reputation for themselves early on with their bold and bizarre cinematics. Their videos often include thick plots, unique characters and subtle nuances such as the “Dance, Dancewhisper, which is still drawing attention from fans even after 15 years. It’s practically impossible to watch through their collection without picking up on at least one notable Easter egg.

While the band have opened the door for a number of fun cameos from celebrities and scene artists alike, the face behind one of their most iconic roles is actually seldom recognized. Any early fan remembers the boy with the deer antlers from the “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” video. But did you know that Donald Cumming, the actor behind the character, went on to form his own band? The vastly talented indie-rocker went on to release two records under the Virgins as well as a solo album, Out Calls Only, in 2015.

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Other notable appearances include Travie McCoy in “Dance, Dance,” Seth Green in “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” and William Beckett in “A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me.'” Their 2015 pop-rock hit “Uma Thurman” was particularly stacked, featuring Brendon Urie and Big Sean, among others.

Were you able to match all these music videos to the celebrities they feature? Let us know in the comments!