Charles Manson and the background of who he is and what he's done is unsettling but for a couple of mask artists, the creepier the better.

Two artists out of Akron, Ohio took things to a whole new level. Ryan Almighty, and prolific mask-maker Rick "Sik Rik" Fisher, got together and cultivated a very creepy, you want to look away but you can't, mask. Fisher gave the mask a professional look as he's created licensed masks and sculptures for Motörhead, Iron Maiden and more.

As reported by TMZ, the artists used not only real, human blood, but as well as some of Manson's ashes that are speckled throughout his face. Check out how they made the mask below.


This isn't the first time Almighty has used Manson for his artwork either. After his passing in 2017, Almighty created a portrait of the infamous cult leader with the ashes, and of course, blood. The painting then ended up going to Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans’ haunted museum in Las Vegas.

More On Almighty and Charles Manson

Almighty has received some backlash about his artwork, and it's not just the Manson pieces. He claims himself as a "professional weirdo" and a human blood artist with majority of the paintings being made with his own blood.

There are a handful of different portraits ranging from Manson, Edgar Allan Poe and a handful more on his website.

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Almighty even gave a fan a tattoo portrait of the cult-leader but with a twist. The ink also includes some of the ashes.

Supposedly the fan and Manson were penpals before he died and wanted to get something in memory of him, so ink and ash it was.

What do you think of the mask or the idea of blood painting? Sound off below and let us know!

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