The reboot of the ’90s cult classic television show Charmed is prioritizing the cultures of its cast and crew. The revival follows a family of Latinx witches and Charmed’s team made sure the writing staff was reflective of its cast.

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The Charmed reboot’s cast features Latinx actors Melanie Diaz, Sarah Jeffrey and Madeleine Mantock in leading roles. In order to best represent them on the screen, the production team saw it fit to make sure that the same representation was also working behind the scenes.

In a story with Teen Vogue, Executive Producer Amy Rardin explained why it was so important to have representation in all aspects of the reboot’s production.

“We have a real Latinx witch in our writers room,” Rardin says. “Every culture has their own witchcraft traditions, and we really wanted to explore not just from a Salem witchcraft but all kinds of different witchcraft that happens all around the world.”

Rardin shared that to successfully portray a certain race or culture on the screen, there had to be people within the same community working on other aspects of the project.

While this should be a no-brainer in the year 2018, accurate representation continues to be a problem in movies and television. Lack of representation in a crew could potentially lead to the reinforcement of cultural stereotypes, as well as contribute to “big picture” problems such as underrepresentation in the media.

We are stoked that this reboot is striving for better representation. Charmed is set to premiere on the CW on Sunday, Oct. 14. Watch the trailer for it below.

You can check out the reboot’s full synopsis here.

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