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[Photo by Jordan Kelsey Knight]

6 takeaways from Christian Anthony of Chase Atlantic's Artist Friendly interview

This week kicked off the first of three Artist Friendly episodes featuring interviews with Australian alternative trio Chase Atlantic. To start the series, the band’s lead vocalist/guitarist Christian Anthony joined Joel Madden on the podcast, which just dropped today everywhere that you listen to podcasts. 

Christian Anthony spoke to Madden about the band’s early days and creative vision, his family and upbringing in Australia, and more. Below, find six takeaways from the episode before you dive into the full conversation

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Chase Atlantic always had a vision 

Members of Chase Atlantic may have gotten their start in What About Tonight and with a bit different sound, but Anthony explains that the trio always had a vision for the band, their sound, and what they’ve become. He says that from the very beginning, even when they were working on their first record, “We always had a vision and we never really settled.” He explains that they may have come off as “primadonnas” because of how set they were on having control over everything they put out, but it was essential to them to trust their instincts, be at the helm of the project, and follow their vision. 

Chase Atlantic didn’t think it was real when they first connected with the Maddens

Chase Atlantic have known and collaborated with Joel Madden and the team at MDDN for a while now, but Anthony explains that they didn’t exactly think it was legitimate when they first connected. The band originally got a DM on Twitter and some emails from the Maddens, but were unconvinced it was really them. Once they finally met in Bondi in Australia, Anthony describes being very nervous because Good Charlotte was “One Direction of Australia.” Despite the teenaged nerves, clearly, they had a fruitful meeting. 

The band loves to create music while isolated in nature

Anthony mentions on the podcast that he and his bandmates really grew up “in nature” — he being from the beach in Australia, and his bandmates from what he describes as a “tropical paradise.” Because of their background, the environment means everything to them and they consider it when working on new music. With their upcoming album, they’re working in Lake Tahoe and look forward to being isolated, surrounded by the outdoors. He even jokes about how the band’s yet to make an album in Joshua Tree, now that they’re based in LA and “everyone has to do a Joshua Tree record.” (But maybe that’s what could be next!)

He wants Chase Atlantic to play “Friends” again

Chase Atlantic’s “Friends” is one of their earliest hits, off their 2015 EP Nostalgia. However, the band have been ambivalent about including it in their setlists over the years, favoring their new songs. Anthony, for one, would love to play it live again. He even made a bet with vocalist Mitchel Cave, who recently attended a 1975 concert — if they played “Chocolate,” Chase needed to revive “Friends.” “The story that I heard is that they got there late, and as soon as they walked in, they were playing ‘Chocolate.’ I was like, ‘We have to play ‘Friends’ again,’” Anthony enthuses. 

Arenas are next

Anthony believes the next time Chase Atlantic visit Australia, they’ll be playing arenas. From their first EP to their latest album, the band possess fans who “know every word,” and their community is only going to grow bigger and better. “We do it the way we want to. We trust our guts. For Mitchel, Clinton, and I, there was just never any doubt,” he says of the band’s mission to stay true to themselves. It certainly seems like it’s paying off.

Warped Tour made Chase Atlantic a better band

Chase Atlantic were encouraged to join Warped Tour for the experience, even though they were outsiders. Anthony says they came away from the experience stronger, calling the people on Warped Tour “superhuman” for being able to stay up late and still wake up at 8 a.m. to unload. “It’s basically boot camp. Twenty-six shows in a row? You never have to do that ever again,” he says. Along the way, Chase Atlantic made plenty of friends from their time on Warped, including Waterparks, Don Broco, and Palaye Royale.