Horror movies are meant to strike fear in viewers. However, sometimes they miss the mark and end up so hilarious, you can’t help but laugh. Sure, we all enjoy that feeling you get from watching a genuinely scary film, but watching cliches play out on screen can be equally as fun to view. Whether they’re written with massive plot holes, feature awful effects or just have a ridiculous storyline, sometimes we end up with cheesy horror movies.

Take a look below for some of our favorite cheesy horror movies that were so bad, they were funny.

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1. Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Just from the title alone, you should be able to tell this movie is going to be horrible. Alien clowns terrorizing a town is bad enough, but the way they look only adds to the hilarity along with their tendency to encase their victims in cotton candy cocoons before drinking their blood from a straw.

2. Goblin

While the plot to Goblin isn’t bad on paper, the film’s visual effects really ruin the idea. A goblin creature who eats children sounds horrifying, but seeing a creature tear what looks like sausage links soaked in ketchup really seals this as one of these cheesy horror movies.

3. Leprechaun

Sure, you think you know Jennifer Aniston, but you don’t know her entire filmography unless you’ve seen her debut in the awfully written Leprechaun. Nothing about a leprechaun sounds scary, even if the filmmakers made it look like some deranged goblin creature.

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4. Sharknado

Jaws sealed sharks as a scary animal back when it came out, but Sharknado destroyed the fear by sticking them in a tornado. There aren’t many plotlines worse than this, but it was bafflingly successful enough to spawn six movies in the SyFy series.

5. The Gingerdead Man

This movie follows a gingerbread man created from all of the normal ingredients that make up the cookie, except for one extra one—the ashes of a dead serial killer. There isn’t much room to make a scary movie with a plot like this, but it’s an incredible amount of fun to watch.

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6. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

After a fairly pointless opening about The Birds plot seeming laughable, this film introduces an astronomically more hilarious plot with killer tomatoes attacking people. There’s plenty of awesome scenes including a man dying from drinking tomato juice made from one of the killer vegetables, a boy being swallowed whole and a great spoof of Jaws with tomatoes attacking swimmers. 

7. Piranha 3D

Killer piranhas sound like a perfect premise for a horror movie. But when they descend on a beach town’s spring break, they start to take a back seat in the movie. It largely focuses on bikini-clad women showing off their boobs instead of actual horror, using the killer fish as a means to a really funny end.

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8. It Conquered The World

Horror movies started getting established in the ’20s and ’30s with iconic characters such as Frankenstein and Dracula. After a couple of decades of this, though, filmmakers had to get more creative, resulting in creatures such as the giant evil cucumber in It Conquered The World.

9. Dead Snow

Zombie flicks are usually pretty gory, but adding in a Nazi premise is downright laughable. Dead Snow focuses on a group of vacationing students being hunted down by Nazis who rose from the dead, but the way the zombies are portrayed completely ruins any hope this movie is going to be serious.

10. The Evil Dead

The original Evil Dead was supposed to be a serious horror movie, but given its miniscule budget, it didn’t turn out quite the way it was supposed to. The effects were so bad that it became a cult classic and inspired the follow-ups to embrace the laughable nature.