Fans all over the world were saddened by the passing of Chester Bennington, the frontman for Linkin Park. Before that band came to fruition, though, there was Grey Daze. The modern-rock group from Phoenix, Arizona, discovered the 15-year-old Bennington and recruited him to be their singer.

Three years ago, Bennington took to Instagram to say that he had reunited Grey Daze. His intention was to revisit and rerecord tracks from the band’s first two albums, Wake Me and no sun today to take advantage of new technology and the budget considerations. A show featuring the original lineup was slated for Oct. 20, 2017, exactly three months after Bennington’s death

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Bennington’s widow, Talinda Bennington, posted a statement to her social media last night saying, “One of Chester’s greatest gifts was music. The only thing he took more pride in was being a father to his children. Given how much he cared, he wanted fans to hear everything that he did, and his musical journey started with Grey Daze.

“In February 2017, Chester and his bandmates began re-recording their music for a planned re-release of the band’s early music. By June, he announced that Grey Daze was reuniting and would be playing a 20th anniversary reunion show later that fall.”

The surviving members of the band–Cristin Davis (guitar), Mace Beyers (bass) and Sean Dowdell (drums/backing vocals)–had rerecorded select songs. With the addition of Bennington’s existing vocal takes, the album will now be released by the Loma Vista label sometime next year.

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The record also features performances by a number of modern-rock luminaries including Bennington’s son Jaime who rerecorded his father’s old vocals earlier this year. Korn’s Brian “Head” Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer, P.O.D.'s Marcos Curiel, Bush’s Chris Traynor and Ryan Shuck, the Orgy/Julien-K guitarist who also played with Bennington in Dead By Sunrise, also appear on the pending LP.

As we await the new album, check out a throwback performance featuring Bennington below.