Chicago’s Congress Theater has permanently banned EDM concerts. After a bunch of violations—drug incidents, fights and a rape outside of the venue—the theater lost its liquor license and was shut down in May 2013, Consequence Of Sound reports.

The venue will finally reopen its doors but will now not "allow any EDM shows/events at the premises" in accordance with the city, to get their liquor license back. The city will define EDM music as “music created by a DJ or multiple DJs primarily using specialized equipment and software instead of traditional instruments.”

According to DNAinfo, "performers that incorporate electronic beats or prerecorded music in their acts shall be allowed, provided those performers either sing vocals or play an instrument(s).”

It seems like this could become a hazy situation. Where do you draw the line? For example, Skrillex does sing in some of his songs, but he is very much an EDM act.

Chicago local liquor commissioner Gregory Steadman said the ban reflects "rising level of concern about these events and whether or not they're safe.”

Even when the theater is sold to a new owner, the EDM ban will still be enforced by the city.

In other EDM news, Electric Zoo festival officials are making all of their attendees watch this anti-Molly video: